Mailing list is the key to success! Don’t ignore it!

Mailing List - NowEazyIf there is anything you should focus on besides your logo, it’s the mailing list! Why is it so important? Let’s find out!

People nowadays don’t come often to visit a blog like they used to 5 or 10 years ago. Instead they prefer to consume information in video format like on YouTube.


So, what should we do? Is blogging dead? Well, you need to build your mailing list. That way you can keep them updated with your posts and useful information to them. There you can also promote all sorts of stuff that bring value and are useful to them.

Those subscribers are more likely to buy the things you promote because you bring them lots of free value and they trust you.


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Every successful business out there has a big mailing list of fans that really like the brand. Whenever the brand releases something, they are the first to know and buy. And you know what is amazing about that? It costs nothing to send an email to these subscribers. It’s free advertising to get sales. Getting sales with paid advertising is gonna cost a lot!


Every mail in your list is worth $1+ a month. So if you have 3000 subscribers, do the math.


You acquire subscriber’s emails in exchange for a free goodie. You need to offer something of value. Like a free eBook you wrote or a free guide or some useful information in your niche. People like to get free stuff! So you know what you have to do!


To your blogging, Go!

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