Dropshipping is Dead? Let’s Find Out More!

Dropshipping Is Dead - NowEazyDropshipping is NOT dead, people will always want to buy stuff. Either it being personal needs or wants.

What is dropshipping? Find out here.

Everywhere you look online you see things to buy and the majority of them are dropshipping stores. Very few online stores afford to own and operate on their own warehouse and logistics.

Buying upfront the stock to sell and not even be sure you will sell it is a huge risk. Also you might need to pay some salaries, rent and there you go the cost per month is going through the roof.


But there is the Dropshipping Business Model That Saves Us!


Opening an online store on the other hand is actually not that costly if you don’t have to buy inventory. Expect from less than $50/month to host it and everything. When people see the minimal costs of launching this kind of store, they jump on it. There are some costs however that you didn’t expect and the bigger of all is the cost of advertising. You have to put some dollars there to get consistent visits and sales.


DropShipping - NowEazy

When you start your online store you will need to find a good niche and a supplier. A good supplier that lots of stores use is AliExpress in China. Lots of products are shipped for free. Big number of them are also shipped with ePacket instead of China Post which is a better and faster way to ship over to the US.


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