Cold traffic, warm traffic, which one to increase sales?

Cold Traffic - Warm Traffic - NowEazyCold traffic, warm traffic, what is it? First of all, they refer to the kind of people that visit your website. Cold traffic is really hard to convert, warm traffic is easier and hot traffic is even more easier. It is all based on trust. Your Brand and Presence allows you to convert traffic easier.


Building your Brand is the first thing you should focus on. Have a good logo. If you have an E-Commerce Store, have a nice looking website with good grammar and great quality pictures with white background. People don’t like to buy from amateur websites. They need to feel the confidence to put the credit card details down and pay.


Here are the 3 traffic types to a website and which one is easier/cheaper to sell to.


Cold Traffic: People who never heard of you before and see your ad/link to website. The most expensive paid traffic. This is the hardest traffic to convert into sales! They don’t know you, how can they trust you?


Warm Traffic: People who already visited your site or has already heard of you in a way or another. These people are more likely to buy from you. They know your presence.


Hot Traffic: People who has already bought something from your website. These people will buy from you easily when you offer something interesting. They trust you and your Brand! This is the cheapest advertising to maintain because you might already have their email address, you just have to hit them with an interesting upsell.


You need cold traffic. This is how you grow. Just don’t try to sell something to this kind of traffic. They must first get to know you. Offer them something of value for little to no cost to them. All the good sales are made in the back-end 😉

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