Brand awareness is the key to success!

Brand Awareness - NowEazyThere is one important aspect of your business: brand awareness! It is the one thing that increases conversions like crazy. If people know you or heard of your website when they land on your page, we can call it warm traffic that converts, baby!


Everything is based on trust when it comes to buying online. You either heard of a friend that the website is trustworthy or you are on your own, risking. And people don’t like to risk when it’s about their credit cards!


So, here are a few things you can do to make your brand stand out:

  • Have a good logo that people can remember easily.
  • If your brand has the domain name available like, take it! It is gold.
  • Make the user experience human and personal. People don’t like to talk to robots and cold machines.. unless you are into transformers!
  • Be everywhere in your niche and bring lots of value to your customers! Try to find win-win situations. That will make people talk about your website.
  • Offer freemiums in exchange of emails. Marketing to email addresses is free afterwards and it is to warm traffic. See what I mean?
  • Offer something to people who refer new customers to you!
  • Take care of your customers and have great support by answering all of their questions.
  • Be consistent! People like to see new stuff! Also by forming a habit with your customers by bringing new things to the table, they are likely to come back by themselves just because of the habit and the curiosity to find it.


Take care everybody,


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