Blogging is dead? Yes! But not really..

Wordpress Blogging - NowEazyBlogging is dead! People don’t follow blogs like they used to 5 or 10 years ago! They now watch vlogs and hang on social media. So if you want to do blogging, you must ALSO do one social media to go with that.. it’s like doing love.. won’t work without a partner.. oh wait, nvm.


Blog posts however bring in lots of SEO people from google and other search engines. That traffic is free! You need that specialized traffic to build.. to build a mailing list!


To your mailing list you can promote your own programs and courses or affiliate programs. That is how you make money. Not from adding Google AdSense and showing ads on your blog!


Because when someone clicks on those ads, they are taken away from your site and you will never hear from them again. That client is lost potentially forever. And you only make some cents from that click. However if you keep that client on your website and they give you their email in exchange for, say a free eBook you wrote, now you have that mail that you can market to and they can potentially buy from you later on. Because they know you bring value to them that make them grow and they trust you.


MailingList - NowEazy


So focus on building your mailing list, bring value to them for free and build trust! Potentially with automation. Then you can promote to that audience your own paid programs and courses or affiliates that brings to your audience even more value and making them bigger than you. Kidding, you must be ahead all the time.


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